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[march 11, 2018]

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

how I use my phone less

apart from being a pain in real social situations, you can actually become addicted to your phone. here's a few steps I've taken to use it less:

silent mode, yay or nay?
this can be tricky, because sometimes silent mode is counter-productive, meaning you're constantly checking instead of reacting to your ringtone. I'd say, try it either way and see what works best! maybe even a mix of the two, silent message tone and loud ringtone?

use a wristwatch
you just peek on your phone to look at the time, see notifications, stalk someone on instagram and 5 minutes later you're like "what's the time again?" - does this sound familiar? fret not, your trusty wristwatch saves the day, and precious minutes.

ban the phone
I've made a rule to put away my phone between 8 pm and 8 am. it's on silent mode, internet turned off and hidden away in a drawer. more time for books, cleaning and cuddling, yay!

hide apps with notifications
that little red number drives me crazy, so I hid facebook etc. in folders or in the classic menu so I don't see them. or simply deactivate all notifications.

alarm clock
you can take the retro vibe even further and get a standard alarm clock to get up in the morning. I even got one without a snooze button, because let's be honest: that's our downfall, right?

you don't have to be friends on facebook with that dude from school if he can't even say hello in public. do yourself a favour and unfollow all those people you're just following simply because they share so much. honestly, if it's not inspiring to you or close to your heart - it's none of your business. going through with these thoughts in mind, I've transformed my instagram & co. feeds into a much happier place! and with a lot less on my plate, I found myself checking a lot less frequently.

what do you think about our phone use, have we become zombies already?
could we live without our phones if we had to?

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