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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, December 28, 2017

bullet journal 2018

new year, new journal, new life (ha!)

I perfectly finished my old bullet journal with only 2 pages left - how satisfying is that? while I initially wanted to get a dotted journal for 2018, I got this lined harry potter notebook for my birthday. 
the size is slightly under a5 which appeals to me a lot, I must say! and the first page is just lovely, isn't it? it's even got a pocket in the back, if you're interested.


I went through my old journal and noted the pages I wanted to take over in my new journal. one of the biggest changes is the year at a glance/future planning: I need more space here. so I thought - why not set up 12 monthly pages right away, instead of a crammed future log and separate months as they come up?


there are exactly 30 lines, plus the space below, so perfect for monthly overviews. I honestly haven't seen anybody else do this (yet), but that's what I love about the system: I can tweak it to serve my needs!


some organizational pages, like concerts I'd like to attend (left) and those I already bought tickets to (right). I usually get tickets for everyone involved, so it's nice to have a list of who owes me how much €€€. next up are movie and tv show recommendations.


here's a bookshelf for the books I read (I've only read 5 books in 2017, so this one is quite modest) plus a list of things I've lent out. on the right is a wishlist which helps me to stop impulse-shopping. the second spread is a "when did I last?" list, with a page of internet costs on the right (a friend took over the internet with my old apartment).


here are some pages to organize our trip to new zealand starting end of January. I have been debating in my mind if I should do a separate travel-journal for this... but to me, that defeats the sense of having all my life in one place, so the trip will be documented in this journal as well. I already pray everyday that I won't lose it!


here we go, the first month! since I already have an entire monthly page at the beginning, I opted for a title spread, habit tracker and maybe a general to-do-list somewhere. I added an inspirational quote, since our plane for NZ leaves on January 23: (the door to) the world stands open.


my weekly overview has been slimmed down to one page which suits me perfectly in its simplicity. I've got a weekly to-do, a positive/thankful line a day and I still document my meals.

all in all, I've made a cleaner and more functional approach this year.
how has the bujo system changed for you?

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