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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, January 11, 2018

q&a by rebecca from thepunktheory

rebecca @ thepunktheory.wordpress.com was so kind to tag me in her liebster award post. her questions cover everything from travel over music, books & shows, so here we go!

Tell me about a book you plan to read this year!

after completing only 1 (ONE!) book until december last year, I started to up my reading game by finishing my tbr pile until last week actually. my first reading goal this year is to give the lord of the rings book(s) another chance, this time in English. my trip to nz will hopefully help!

What was the best movie/TV show you’ve watched recently?

rewatched the silence of the lambs recently, such a classic. finally catched the danish girl, a very touching. best movies of 2017 for me are blade runner 2049, dunkirk and logan.
tv show-wise I thought I disliked king of queens but in reality, it's quite good. favourite of 2017 will still be stranger things 2 though!

What’s your favorite hobby?

re-entering the gym this winter showed me that my body needs something to do, not just walking/hiking. the boyfriend just got a nintendo switch so I'm back to my mario kart addiction! plus, I found myself reaching for books a lot more which makes me very happy.

Name three songs for me to add to my playlist!

random picks from the last weeks:

  • q lazzarus - goodbye horses
  • weezer - the good life
  • editors - papillon

An important achievement of 2017?

definitely picking up reading again. properly!

Your favorite Doctor?

I have never, ever seen dr. who and I'm way too intrigued to start.

Name a blog I should follow!

bekleidet.net - not your usual genre, but this fashion blogger has got a head on her shoulders.

Do you have a travel destination tip for me?

I always blurt out portugal at this point, but you've been there already!
I'd say skandinavia in summer - so beautiful and nice temperature.

Why do you blog?

I want to put myself out there, leave a mark on the internet.

J. K. Rowling or George R. R. Martin?

eternally grateful for rowling and the harry potter world, but with the recent controversy over johnny depp's casting: martin. the character development in a song of ice & fire is incredible.

What’s your best tip for dealing with stress?

lists. priorities. ask for help. take a break. don't force it.
a delay won't hurt if it's not about life or death.

always love doing these, interrogating myself! thanks rebecca!
make sure to check out her reviews & more at thepunktheory.wordpress.com


  1. I love your answers! Thanks for taking the time :D

  2. I am also so disappointed with the Depp casting for Fantastic Beasts :\ was looking forward to the movie before that.
    You will love NZ! It is so beautiful and underrated!

    1. thank you jane, it was actually my 2nd trip to new zealand! this time in summer, and so busy - no sign of being an inside tip anymore ;)

  3. I adore lists like these - they are such an interesting insight!