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[march 11, 2018]

Friday, July 20, 2018

'happy faceversary'

10 years on facebook. let's take a look back.

so facebook reminded me - of course they did - that I joined the network 10 years ago today. that means I have just finished school and was 19 years old.

the feeling of gratitude still overwhelms me when I think about the timing, I'm glad facebook took off way after my school years. fun story, 2 years later I saw an intern from work tagged topless on her spring break. thanks again, timing!

fyi not that I was ever photographed topless - ok, that's not true - but I haven't been tagged on a public facebook post topless! there.

I remember facebook being a fun tool where you kept in touch with people after school, some moved for work, some for uni, some travelled - the usual. polite wall post-postcards, if you may.

photos where uploaded in masses from digital cameras to albums, since smart phones and mobile internet where still in the awkward 'OMG-I-hit-the-internet-button'-phase. ringtones were polyphone/midi-files or you recorded your favourite song from your radio.

I remember one of the first scandals a few years back, where private messages were suddenly made public on your wall. it didn't affect me, but a few deleted their profiles just to make sure - and to re-register right away again.

crazy what difference a decade makes. I can only imagine what will happen in 2028 (that was so hard to type out now, yikes). if you want to hear my two-cents, I believe the next generation is gonna be sick of social media as we know it now.

facebook is no more a niche or a young-generation-thing, everybody and their grandma has it now. since the data scandal earlier this year, a lot of people have left - or haven't bothered to register at all. instagram is where it all happens now, curated & themed grids along with the instant-stories.

but even there, since the timeline & algorithm changed, it diverged from an instant-sharing-app to a more curated, edited way of showing off the prime-lights of eachothers lives. because as a social media user, please never forget:

you're comparing your backstage dramas with other people's spotlight moments.

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