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[march 11, 2018]

Thursday, July 26, 2018

what's up #2

these are some journalling prompts by chelsea at becauseimaddicted.net, thought I'd reflect on this warm summer day!

When do you feel your best/worst?
best: I'm on my own, at a festival/concert, smiling into the sun and feeling the vibe of the crowd.
worst: from the bottom of my heart, it's FOMO. when that hits me hard, I have to gather all the sympathy & understanding for myself and for others I can find to not take it personal.

What makes you feel anxious?I over-think so I'm mostly prepared for every worst case imaginable. this results in me being a ridiculously organized & efficient person, I do get some sympathetic smiles and comments when I'm travelling or at agencies.
so deadlines are a big stress factor. it's paralizing, which ends up counter-productive - but I do try to give myself that time. if I simply am not able to do something, I leave it if I can: don't quit, learn how to rest.

When do you feel most at peace?
when I feel organised but find that extra time to breathe, maybe get to clear out some things or read in silence. so basically: I feel motivated but there's nothing pressuring me!

Who has been your biggest supporter(s)? Why?
my dad always powered me through at times when I wanted to give up, mostly in school and at my first job. to me, the biggest support is a network of friends that accepts me exactly as I am: I am allowed to feel, to make mistakes and to change my mind.

How do you prefer to serve others in your daily life?
as an empath, I don't have to try hard to imagine being in other's shoes, but I can always just assume from my point of view. I try to feel what I would need if I were in the other's situation. being a smart-ass, I've realized I need to listen more and hold back on the advice sometimes.

If fear didn’t exist, what would you do?
buy a farm and take care of animals in need. this is not just a financial fear, but also would I be able to care for animals I have no experience in?

How do you take care of your own well-being (mental, emotional and physical)?
I try to treat myself as I would a friend. forgive mistakes. don't dwell on the past, see every day as a new chance. take time for myself and my home. cook fresh and eat well. exercise, take the bike when I can.

this was fun! it's good to check in on yourself from time to time, maybe even on topics you never focus on or think about.

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